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Waste to Energy on the West Bank

I conducted a study on assessing the feasibility of three Waste-to-Energy options on the West Bank. The options include (i) enhanced extraction and electrification of landfill-gas, (ii) digestion of biowaste combined with electrification of the resulting biogas and (iii) direct bulk incineration of municipal waste. The assessment was completed by including a non-energy option, being composting of biowaste, as a reference.





The assessment included financial, technical, institutional and other aspects. The conclusion is that direct incineration has the highest potential with regard to production of electricity but has some serious drawbacks with regard to needed minimum scale, needed capital and resulting LCOE (levelised cost of electricity). On the other side of the spectrum is enhanced landfill gas extraction with a low potential but equally low needed capital and resulting LCOE. Digestion turns out to give a high LCOE combined with a number of other downsides.

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