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Market research and business development

BreAd performs market research and fact-finding/scoping missions in order to map a country’s or region’s status on SWM. Special interest is payed to legal systems, infrastructure, actors and financials. The results provide good insights in the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of a specific market. They pave the way for developing and improving businesses, assets and services.

Development of public SWM services in developing countries

Safety, shelter and the availability of food and water are numbers one, two, three and four in the hierarchy of human needs. A clean environment, free of waste may well be considered to be number five, especially in urban areas. BreAd supports cities and regions in developing countries as a trusted advisor with setting up waste management masterplans and roadmaps.

Specialist services on landfills, recycling, organisation, governance and finance

Capacity building

BreAd is able to provide technical and financial consultancy on remediation of dumpsites, landfill improvements, composting and digestion and an array of other recycling technologies. Other topics are governance schemes, financial planning and forecasts and waste-fee collection systems.

BreAd set up a five day curriculum on SWM. It provides training sessions on legislation, policy and planning, city cleaning and waste collection, sustainable landfilling, organisation and sustainable waste finances. The target audience is staff members of public authorities in developing countries.


Management services are offered on both interim and permanent basis. Hans Breukelman has managed departments, foundations and companies and is able to act and communicate at all operational, executive, board and political levels.

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