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Bujumbura, the capitol of Burundi, is located at Lake Tanganyika and is home to around 600.000 inhabitants distributed over 13 Communes. Only 15% of the waste is collected and brought to an uncontrolled dumpsite. The rest of the waste is burned and littered inside the city. The rainy season washes off a part of this waste into the lake. The rest mixes with the rain, providing ideal circumstances for vector borne diseases.

Together with the foundation HandsforWaste, BreAd elaborated a detailed plan to improve the situation. The plan redesigns the waste infrastructure with a remediation plan for the old dump, a new location and masterplan for a new controlled landfill site and locations and designs for two transfer stations. ESIA’s and procurement documents for all facilities and services were set up. Furthermore the plan provides the programs to start up proper services for city cleaning and waste collection, a new organisation with job descriptions and governance schemes and financial paragraphs covering waste fee collection and cashflow spreadsheets to be used in establishing new plans, investments and fees.

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