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About  breAD.

BreAd B.V. is a consultancy firm representing the services of Hans Breukelman. The company is operating internationally, primarily focusing on projects related to solid waste management (SWM) in developing countries.

Other fields of interest within the scope of BreAd are the remediation of contaminated sites, wastewater treatment and sustainable energy production.

The services are provided to private companies and to public authorities, both in developed and developing countries.

My Services.

Market research and business development

Development of public SWM services in developing countries

Specialist services on landfills, recycling, organisation, governance and finance

Capacity building


"The waste of plenty is the resource of scarcity"

Thomas Love Peacock

+31 6 51 422 706 | hans@breukelman.nl

Stadswegske 69, 6131 AG Sittard, The Netherlands

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